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Our mission

Our mission is to continue to be the leading provider of quality government services.

Our goal is to provide customers with reliable, reasonably priced ship repair; our services are focused on both short- and long-term.

We must strive to be high performing and deliver high value to our customers. High performance means delivering excellent reliability and superior quality products and services, as well as adding value for customers. Dedication to the areas we serve on the entire eastern and western seaboard defines us as one of the top provider of government services. Our vision reflects how intrinsically linked our people, and technology are to the security, stability and vitality of the areas we serve.

Our Vision is to provide the best customer service while providing an excellent work environment for our employees.

Our Purpose is to maximize our efficiency and effectiveness in delivering turnkey solutions to our customer's needs and requirements.

Our Values are centered on reliability, service and cost, where we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality of workmanship.



Service Process